It's almost that time of year again, the time many moms dread-summer vacation. Kids are ready for a brain break and moms are wondering what in the world they will do to keep the kids entertained.

Here are some tried and true ways to keep your kids busy this summer.

1. Hire them to do a job. This might be something as simple as cutting the lawn or washing laundry. Even if your kids already have weekly chores to do, "hiring" them to do extra work will give them greater incentive to work for that extra money.

2. Exchange a fun vacation for extra duties. Along with hiring your kids, encourage them to take on extra responsibility around the house, then reward them with a fun kids' vacation to a water park, mini resort, or amusement park.

3. Suggest volunteering to your kids. Help them choose a worthy cause that they can support whole-heartedly then set them up to donate their time during the week to the cause.

4. Send them to a summer camp. There are lots of different summer camps for kids, from Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts camps, to vacation Bible school and theatre classes. Call or see your local newspaper for information on what types of camps and classes are available in your area during the summer.

Keeping your kids busy during the summer months isn't hard, but sometimes it does require creativity on your part. Get your kids involved by asking them what they would like to do this summer. Write their suggestions down and make an executive decision on which ideas are feasible to implement.

There are more and more people going for their holidays even though winter for most western countries are over, but most dads and moms are already planning for a summer holiday for the whole family. Sometimes, planning for an affordable family vacation can really give you a hassle and headache.
Everyone wants a nice getaway with their family in the summertime. However, with the increasing price of oil, gas and airplane tickets, as well as the high price of some hotel rooms, many people can no longer afford to go on vacation with their families.
How to look for cheap stuff?
If adventure is your family cup of tea, and would love love to discover the beauty of nature with your family, one of the most exciting and affordable family vacation is definitely camping.
What about camping?
A camping trip is a great first step for some quality time with your family. RV parks, RV resorts and campgrounds make great destinations for an affordable family vacation.
There are 3 simple tips to look out for.
1) A place to stay.
Even though, going for a complete camping trip involves getting away from all the technological gadgets of modern life, this doesn’t mean you will have no decent conditions at all.
What other facilities are available?
Most RV parks include a barbecue facilities, as well as shower and general bathroom facilities. Others provide extensive facilities, such as heated pools, and wireless Internet access. Therefore, for those who are looking budget kind of family vacation, camping is surely a good way for the entire family.
2) What activities are available?
It is more appealing for the kids as they have tons of enjoyable activities specially cater to their needs. Adults too will have an enjoyable time.
What other activities you can enjoy during a camping trip?
You can bring along your computer games too. On a camping vacation you will have plenty of time to play with the kids, then enjoy a beautiful time together.
3) It is not pricey at all.
Going camping is not only fun and exciting, but also probably the most affordable family vacation you can plan. It is usually cost more than $800 for the entire family of 4, which includes tent, sleeping bags, cooler, camp stove.
Why more and more are choosing camping?
This family activity are getting more affordable among families. There are some studies that shown that about more than 50 percent all the active campers went on a camping vacation with their family at least once and 30 percent went with the extended family, including their children.
The increasing popularity of camping proves that it is not only the most affordable family vacation you can imagine, but also fun and exciting for both children and adults.
By having the appropriate research, you should be able to enjoy cheap and affordable family vacation. With that kind of savings, I believe you should have a great time with your family. Having a good time with your family is as important as having 3 meals a day. The bonding is important that money cannot buy.
Therefore, Eddy has started a information guide on how to help people save big on their family vacations and also recommend some of the holiday destination suitable for the entire family.