In Fortaleza, Brazil we stayed for a few nights around Beira Mar Ave., were a hand made crafts market was opened every single evening. Along the street, there were many people advertising different travel destinations along coast of Ceara. First that got our attention was a small and charming place called Jericoacoara. Jericoacoara (Jeri, called by Brazilians) as we learned later is the most wanted tourist attraction in Ceara too. It is far away from modern world, and offers a quiet refuge into paradise while staying there. Jeri is one of the most unique and beautiful beaches in the world.

It is also a city in a protected and preserved area, which is kept in its primitive state by the Brazilian government. That is why we decided to go there first, and started to look into different ways on how to get there. The most reasonable and safe way we found, was to take a bus operated by Redencao. A round trip will cost you R$ 35.50 ($1 USD =R$1.81 at the time of our travel) per person. This bus stops every morning at exactly 9:15 am in front of the Praiano Palace Hotel on Beira Mar Ave., and takes all tourists that wish to visit Jericoacoara. It is a bus with comfortable seats and with air conditioner. The trip is about 6 hours along the Hwy.

During the trip, you can watch a video or the views outside the window, and admire and be amazed by the size and the number of the cashew trees, and the greens of the sugar cane plantations. We also stopped along the way and had lunch in a very authentic Brazilian outside cafeteria, with very good Brazilian food. After 5 hours, our bus stopped and we had to change it for another one, which was a 4X4 bus, because the Hwy finished at Praia beach. The rest of the trip was very impressive, along the beach and between white dunes.

When we arrived there, many locals came around to propose different options of the available hotels and posadas (small Inn). It is quiet easy to find and accommodate your taste and pockets to the options that they offer. The most expensive and modern is a hotel called Mosquito Blue the less expensive are little pousadas, they are R$ 35.00 per night and up. We picked to a posada called Jeri Brazil, because I really liked its country style. The owner was a friendly woman called Edna. She was the one to cook our meals too. We paid R$ 50.00 a night including breakfast and internet.

Jericoacoara steals your heart with its simple beauty. Its streets are paved with sand. Everywhere you can see, houses adorned with bushes full of colorful flowers and are shaded by cashew and coconut trees. Jeri has just four main streets, along which you can find the restaurants and small gift shops. There also are a few small supermarkets were you can buy the essentials if you need them, and they offer stuff like fresh fruits, snacks, sunscreen, a variety of drinks, etc...

Jeri is full of things to do for the active and extreme as well as for those who wish to relax and recharge.

Aruba is a great place to vacation and if you are planning a trip, you are probably looking for the best things to do in Aruba. Aruba is 19.6 miles long and six miles wide southern Caribbean island with enchanting blue skies and 82 degree Fahrenheit (28 degree Celsius) temperature. The inimitable combination of land and sea gives sharp geographical features to the Aruba. There are lots of things to do in Aruba. For instance, horseback rides, hiking at Arikok National Park, Golfing, mountain biking, etc. For wild ‘n wet adventure, jet-ski, wave-runner, wreck ‘n reef diving and scuba diving is available. Aruba is a best holiday place for all age people. A kid can also find this place exciting. At Aruba, you and your family can have a brilliant and incredible underwater fantasy.
Arikok National Park is rich in beauty of nature. Exploring nature and appreciating the exclusive scenic beauty is one of the best things to do in Aruba. The geological formations and cultural resources make in unique and incredible. There are many walking trails, which are open for public. Hikers can walk around 20 rugged miles at Arikok National Park. In addition, the flora and fauna will give enhanced and magical experience of hiking. A person can also take a tour of Aruba Island on a jeep safari or in an air-conditioned motor coach. If you are more interested to do the tour on cycle then it is a perfect place. You can easily enjoy the exotic terrain of this desert island on a cycle. Facility of bicycles on rent is available for the ease.
Some of the best things to do in Aruba to achieve greater entertainment are Copa Cabana Casino Bar and Kukko Kunuku. They offer the best live Caribbean music, exotic drinks and complete facilities to wine and dine.. If you are on a romantic getaway tour then one of the best things to do in Aruba is to have fantasy dinner, at Aruba beaches. You can also have complete foot-stomping fun at these places, which is mind-blowing. Not just on land, you can enhance the experience of water adventure too in Aruba. Challenging wave at Aruba gives a complete adventurous wind surfing and kite surfing. You can also go for sailing or boating. The calm and pleasant water of Aruba’s leeward coast promises to give utmost romantic experience and adventure.
For the pleasure of kids, it has a baby beach. The water at baby beach is calm and shallow; this makes it ideal for children. Sight-seeing and exploring wildlife sanctuary is also one of the best things to do in Aruba. The church of Noord is an ancient structure, which is built-in 1870’s. It is one of the best neo-gothic sculptures and is well worth visiting once, if you are at Aruba. One of the scenic trademarks of Aruba is California lighthouse. It offers a perfect view of the sandy beaches spread out at the western coastline of Aruba Island’s. Also, the bird sanctuary and butterfly are the attraction of Aruba. The tropical garden is teemed with the world’s most colorful butterflies. You will be amazed to see these unusual butterflies of different colors.